Questions & Answers

Understand your baseline.

Our questions and answers include immediate answers to generalizable questions, and offer a foundation for asking more robust questions. Browse a growing list of questions with zero confguration or analytical steps on your end — we've done it all for you.

Baseline Exploration.

Whether you need an answer fast or you're not sure what you can ask of your data, you can quickly and easily get a baseline understanding across a wide range of metrics and dimensions.

Effortlessly Repeatable.

Never repeat an analysis again. The steps we take to pull, clean, process, and present our findings are programmatic so you no longer need to ask a co-worker or try to remember the steps you took.

Improved Accuracy.

Most Google Analytics users chase the perfect dataset through lists of view filters, but oddities slip through. We bake common gotchas into our analysis for better-than-average accuracy.

Written & Jargon-Free.

We speak languages, not tables and charts, and a well-presented analysis should too. Read answers to your questions with our language-first approach, sprinking data visualizations only where it helps.

Integrated Research.

Third-party and first-party research elevates insights, helping to build on the data you already have and integrated right into the answers you're already reading.

Need more? We can handcraft custom question and answer sets for your business with all the same value propositions as our common questions, but with the segments, custom metrics and dimensions, and tribal knowledge needed to provide robust insights.

We specialize in making data actionable.

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