Sep 12th 2019 Google Analytics

PII in Google Analytics? Probably. Here's How to be Better Than That.

All too often, personally identifiable information makes its way into Google Analytics, breaching their terms of service, and ultimately putting your data (and reputation) at risk. If you're keeping up with the heated debates and actions around privacy today, it's a bad time for an organization to overreach, even if it's accidental.

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Mar 30th 2019 Google Analytics

Big Data and the Hierarchy of Analytical Needs

It's been nearly a decade since the term big data went viral, with blogs and publications touting how data is a competitive advantage. Fast forward to today, and data certainly is a competitive advantage, but only if your organization has staffed, tooled, and built the processes necessary to extract information from that data – including identifying what needs to be measured.

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Feb 12th 2019 Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to Get Insight into Your User's Preferred Languages

Google Analytics provides a lot of data that remains undiscovered by many users. Even if some are aware, it requires a fair amount of technical work to make it actionable. Language data is one of those datasets. In this post, we set out to put it to good use.

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