Early Access

We haven't opened registration quite yet, but we're looking for small to medium-sized businesses with a digital presence.

Chat with us at team@tellanalytics.com or learn more about piloting our beta products and services below.

What You'll Get

Implementation Audit
A hands-on, manual audit of your website or web application from an implementation expert.

Business Insights
Robust, ad hoc, analyst-backed answers to generalizable questions that Google Analytics can answer.

Future Value
The ability to influence our backlog of questions, focusing our direction around your interests.

What We'll Get

Tested Accuracy
You'll enable us to draft questions and answers against a wider set of datasets, better tackling edge cases.

Product Direction
You'll help us iterate towards better, more actionable insights and features with actionable feedback.

Best of all? Try our service for free while part of the beta!

We specialize in making data actionable.

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